Energizing facial sheet mask for men

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    The moisturizing sheet mask gives dry and tired skin an energy boost. The active ingredients Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C and E help reduce the visible signs of skin aging. Fine lines are visibly smoothed and the skin appears firm and healthy.

    Features and Benefits
    • Immediate energy boost for dry and tired skin
    • The skin looks refreshed and revitalized again
    • Long-lasting hydration


    Clean skin. Remove the mask from the packaging. The mask consists of two parts. Perfect for men with beards. Unfold the pieces and place them on your face. If you have a beard, you can leave the bottom half off. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, remove the mask, do not rinse off. Excess serum can be spread on the neck and hands.

    Main ingredients

    Coenzyme Q10

    A naturally occurring enzyme found in every living cell in the body. It is essential for health and plays a particularly important role in maintaining radiant, youthful-looking skin. As we age, our CoQ10 levels decrease, which accelerates the aging process of the skin. It has been shown that topical application of Coenzyme Q10 can maintain the levels of this important enzyme in our skin, thereby reducing the signs of aging.

    Hyaluronic acid

    Hyaluronic acid molecules have the unique ability to absorb thousands of times their own weight in water, more than any other biological substance. In addition, hyaluronic acid is an “intelligent nutrient” as it can adjust its moisture absorption capacity depending on the humidity – depending on the season and climate. This improves the moisture content of the skin while strengthening the skin barrier. Your skin appears visibly and noticeably softer, smoother and plumper.

    Vitamin E

    A powerful antioxidant with anti-aging properties that helps reduce sun damage to the skin. Vitamin E provides the skin with intensive moisture. It is known to reduce skin inflammation, increase skin firmness, and improve skin tone and texture.

    Energizing facial sheet mask for men
    Energizing facial sheet mask for men
    Energizing facial sheet mask for men
    Energizing facial sheet mask for men

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